FireBot is a robotics alarm device which detects smoke and high temperatures and alarms a web based system about potential danger. Device is composed of a mobile MakeBlock robot and detector mounted on top of it. This FireBot has his own route on which he drives around in circles. The system on the FireBot is entirely coded in Arduino. We used a LM35 sensor for measuring temperature, a gas sensor that will detect the presence of smoke and a GSM module. LM35 measures the temperature around the FireBot at all times, and if the temperature gets to 50 degrees Celsius the GSM module will send a warning SMS to the center in charge of that area. In case the temperature rises to a higher degree or if the gas sensor detects smoke, a SMS will be sent alarming about the detected fire with the location of the FireBot which the GSM module obtained based on the closest cell tower. In addition to the location we will also send the current wind direction. This should hopefully help the control center to get the fire under control as fast and with as few casualties as possible.